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Here is a place to occasionally document small scientific forays that are not directly related to my work as a petroleum geologist. One thing I find myself doing too often is re-deriving basic mathmatical relationships that I have managed to forget since the last time I used them. So I will document some of those here to refer to the next time I need them. If they can help other people, that would be great. I may also use this section of the website to store experiments or links on the general subject of numerical models of natural processes. A recent conversation with my old professor, Gary Kocurek, has gotten me interested in Emergence Theory and I have been reading The Self-Made Tapestry by Philip Ball and writing little Matlab applications to see whether I can reproduce natural patterns from simple algorithms and lots of cells and a bit of randomness. Over Thanksgiving, my eight-year-old nephew showed me a remarkable web site called the Falling sand game which is something along the lines of a java cellular automaton simulator where you can watch gravity act on a bunch of materials that you mix up interactively. As I play with that I will post some results here.


Power and Exponential functions

Log transformations and power laws

Normal faults in the Falling Sand Game

Geology and scenery from Greece and Egypt (Gulf of Corinth and Red Sea extensional provinces)

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